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Angela Merrill

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Newark, NJ
Community organizing, neighborhood outreach and revitalization
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Bethany Dearborn

Youth Volunteer Corps
Seattle, WA
Service learning projects oversight and coordination for high schools
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Cleo Peterson

Seattle, WA
Non-profit toyshop for homeless and mentally ill adults
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David Germer

First Presbyterian Church | Spokane
Spokane, WA
Church-based programs for low income and homeless neighbors
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David Uhl

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Detroit, MI
Post-Katrina emergency services and homeless day center, social justice program coordination
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George Lee

Creation Care Studies Program
New Zealand
Student life coordinator for stewardship study program
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Jenika Webber

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Teaching computer skills at blind school, English teacher
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Jessica Bussard

Westminster House
Spokane, WA
Youth programming for homework, creative arts & sciences.
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Judy Naegeli

Mennonite Central Committee
Hanoi, Vietnam
Manuscript editor for publishing house
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Kerrie Green

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Wapato, WA
Agricultural-based community development, youth coordination
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Kevin Meirose

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Tacoma, WA
Skill-engagement and income-generating projects for adults with developmental disabilities
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Linda Pak

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Wapato, WA
Farm and conference center support, curriculum development, dance
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Matthew Moskwik

Salesian Lay Missioners
Lungi, Sierra Leone West Africa
Biology and math instruction, and amphibian research
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Miranda Drost

First Presbyterian Church | Houston
Houston, TX
Post-Katrina relief services and mentoring
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Pilar Ruiz

Mercy Volunteer Corps
Laredo, TX
Medical case management for women at health clinic
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Stephen Allen

Middle East Studies Program
Cairo, Egypt
Residence life intern promoting Christian-Muslim dialogue
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Teresa Rake

Mennonite Central Committee
Pesqueira, Pernambuco, Brazil
Family education and trainings for water resource management
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Tupou Ama

The Center for Sharing
Pasco, WA
Elementary school para-educator
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