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August 2013 Entries


Coffee: A Lesson in Staying Human

The Krista Foundation | Colleague Press

As a partner in a coffee farm in Cerro Redondo, Honduras, Glen Guenther '11 has many opportunities to practice The Krista Foundation service ethic of checking your filter. He and Wilson Chavez got to know each other when Glen spent a month with the Chavez family during a Whitworth University study tour.

After another visit, conversations and discernment, Glen and Wilson purchased a small piece of land together for a small-scale coffee farm through which the Chavez family-previously subsistence farmers who rented-could gain a more stable livelihood. Glen checks his lens often around the issue of money because "compared to Wilson, I come from a place of relative wealth." While honoring Wilson's high expectations for the farm and responding to long-distance requests for funds for fertilizer and labor, "I have to ‘stay human' and see Wilson as a person and not just a function of an exciting project that I am involved in. Wilson doesn't have the benefit of being able to sustain a failing business venture. If the farm can't sustain itself from harvest profits, we should abandon it in favor of something else."

Glen is completing an M.A. in at the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver and recently began working as business analyst with, a startup that helps rural clinics in Africa and Latin America turn paper-based health records into electronic systems that can be accessed by text or tablet.

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Where Are They Now, Pt. 1
Bree and Doug Reynolds

The Krista Foundation | Krista Foundation Press

Ever since they first met on a cross-country train, both Doug and Bree Reynolds '99 have led an adventurous life. After serving with Project SPEAR in Spokane, they have alternated periods in Spokane with multi-year stays in the Pacific's Mariana Islands and now the Caribbean island of Dominica, where Bree teaches at Ross University School of Medicine.

Stay-at-home dad Doug bucked gender roles as he nurtured daughters Litcelle and Helena, adopted during their Mariana Island's sojourn. The couple's deep commitment to education has been a constant throughout their careers. During his years as a middle school, high school and tribal college teacher, Doug loved seeing "a light go on" when students shifted from "not really caring about education or even taking their life seriously to caring about everything and wanting to do something meaningful with their life."

Now helping her American students deal with the culture shock of settling into Dominica, Bree's doctoral research in culturally responsive teaching has deepened her conviction that education is a platform for social change-and that living outside one's culture changes the way you see politics, culture, family and relationships. After visiting the Philippines, Litcelle felt guilty about "what we had in the U.S.-and we were living in a manufactured home on an Indian Reservation at the time," Bree remembers. Together, the Reynolds talked about how her feelings could be channeled "into something positive." For the Reynolds family, a powerful takeaway from cross-cultural service is identifying "how you can use your raised consciousness to continue to make the world a better place."

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December SIP

The Krista Foundation | Krista Foundation Press

Join us for a celebration Join us for an enchanting evening as we gather in fellowship - celebrating the work of the Krista Foundation, meeting as a Colleague community, exploring interesting topics, sharing talents, and eating and drinking (and be merry)! Together, let's keep Christmas in perspective at our third quarterly Service in Perspective (SIP). Come and celebrate this holy Advent season!

Sunday, December 15th from 4:00-7:00pm.

Program begins at 4:30 with introductions and connecting followed by Krista Colleague talent, featuring: music, spoken word, & carols in the downstairs theater space. 

Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed & Breakfast*
907 14th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112

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*The Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed & Breakfast is a 1914 historic Tudor Revival home 

Join us for an informal time to connect and explore the joys and challenges of faith-filled service leadership in our personal and professional lives while enjoying the flavors of the season.

As part of our festivities, several Krista Colleagues will help us put Christmas in perspective, as they share their insight and talent on stage!

Consider picking up a Christmas gift or two for family, friends and community. Here are two suggestions:

1. The Global Citizen, a Special Edition compilation with the "best of" articles for equipping ourselves to serve well and transform service experiences into a lifetime of service leadership. Previously sold out and now newly reprinted!

2. Local wines by Sozo Friends. You can purchase single bottles of wine or become part of our quarterly Sojourner Wine Club. Sozo Friends partners with nonprofits, such as the Krista Foundation, and donates a percent of each bottle's proceeds to support the organization.

RSVP by December 11th  to Valerie Norwood for details and directions. Space is limited. or call 206-349-3582 

PS these gatherings are for fun and community building.  No cost, no ask.