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Launching the Service Journey: Service Volunteers Connect

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2015 Launching Service Journey

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Last Sunday's "Launching the Service Journey" event embraced these wise words! The Krista Foundation and six other local faith-based service organizations brought together their new volunteers from across the Puget Sound region for a half-day retreat to build community, explore best practices and seed a vision for transforming a year of service into a lifetime of service-centered leadership. Joined by alums from their service organizations and transitioned Krista Colleagues, these new volunteers probed the ethics of service and applied them in their urban US context. What social and racial lenses do we bring to service? How can seeing our own privilege make us more effective? How do we take care of ourselves in trying times, and how can we laugh more? What we learned will help all of us go far, together, for years to come.

Hosted in partnership with: Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest; Lutheran Volunteer Corps; Peace Community Center; Quaker Experiential Serivce and Training (QuEST); United Church of Christ Young Adult Service Communities; United Methodist US-2

Part of the Puget Sound Service Org Network:

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