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In a world that is often defined and divided in terms of economics, ideology, race, gender, and religion, The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship supports young adult volunteers as they embrace the challenges and joys of serving alongside others in our interconnected world. Nominated by university, civic, and church leaders, all Krista Colleagues serve with established agencies.

The Krista Foundation was founded in 1999 in Spokane, Washington, to honor the life and vision of Krista Kimberly Hunt Ausland, who was killed at age 25 while volunteering with her husband, Aaron, in global service in rural Bolivia. Inspired by Krista's desire "to show God's love in actions," her family and friends wanted an enduring legacy to celebrate her spirit of active love and faith.

The Krista Foundation provides mentoring support and Service and Leadership Development Grants for young adults in their twenties who are engaged in a sustained period of voluntary or vocational service as an expression of their Christian faith and values. Through our ecumenical and intergenerational community the Krista Foundation seeks to encourage a new generation of leaders to develop a lifelong ethic of service, civic engagement and global understanding.

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The Global Citizen Journal Online is a resource for young adults, educators, leaders, coordinators and others interested in topics about engaging the world through service.

Service volunteerism can be an amazing adventure-filled with life-shaping connections and heart-stretching challenges. The Global Citizen is a journal written by young adults during or after volunteer service, and by ‘veteran' global citizens. Service organizations, service-learning programs, and university professors have found these reflections to be valuable tools in trainings, classrooms and debriefings.

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