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Service + Grant + Mentoring: Krista Colleague Program


"You will become a different kind of doctor, or lawyer, businessman, or whatever you do, if you spend a year of your life serving poor people." —Moses Pulei, Maasai Tribal Leader and KF Board Member

Judy with 2 girls Service Encounters are Life-Shaping:

While there is no perfect formula for instilling an ethic of global citizenship, there is research supported by countless testimonies to indicate that young adults who engage in a sustained period of intercultural service are deeply impacted for life. They are stretched in their sense of identity, direction, community and faith. 

Volunteering Isn't Enough:

While having good intentions to serve is important and beautiful, these intentions do not naturally translate into a positive experience for the volunteer or for the community members where they serve. Volunteer service organizations differ greatly in their capacity to train their volunteers to have healthy expectations, and the tools to sensitively navigate cultural nuance. Alongside times of great joy, volunteers can often feel isolated, disillusioned and misunderstood, especially during the tumultuous experience of cultural immersion, and during reverse culture-shock (after returning 'home').

A Mentoring Community Matters: A Model for Sustaining and Thriving 

The Krista Foundation exists to empower and equip young adult volunteers with the tools and mentoring community support to not just serve, but serve well, and to make service not just a year or two of life-- but a way of life.

How Our Program Works

Colleague Program Chart

The Krista Colleague Cohort Program:

Each year, The Krista Foundation selects 15-18 young adults nominated by professors, civic or church leaders to receive a Service and Leadership Development Grant and become part of the peer-mentoring community. Krista Colleagues serve 'in the field' with established service organizations such as Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Americorps, or Peace Corps. Before, during, and for years after their assignment, the Krista Colleagues engage with our Foundation programs in service ethics trainings and intercultural, faith, and leadership development opportunities. Many Colleagues also choose to write for The Global Citizen journal, lead workshops, plan retreats, and mentor the new classes of Krista Colleagues as they prepare for and debrief service experiences.

Our Long-Term Model:

While the questions of global citizenship often arise in the field, they take years to integrate. The Krista Foundation provides the Krista Colleagues with formal and informal places to connect and reflect for several pivotal years after their volunteer term has ended. Gradually, these young adults integrate their service experience and develop a lifelong ethic of service and sustaining hope. Colleagues emerge as creative leaders who shape their communities throughout the nation and world.

Touching Lives

Darien wrestling with a child- laughingKrista Colleagues touch lives through volunteer service.

"I was designed to show God's love in actions." -Krista Hunt Ausland

Wherever the headlines emerge for global or domestic needs, Krista Colleagues are serving there. Drawing on Krista Foundation supplemental programs and resources, Krista Colleagues serve with sensitivity and joy, engaging in mutually transformative relationships, giving dignity and hope in the hard places in our world.

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Developing Leadership

Colleague Jason Duba meets with Senator ObamaOur Foundation community develops young Christian leaders during the pivotal 20-something years.

Our Ecumenical mentoring community provides critical support and networking through a yearly mentoring conference, $1000 Service and Leadership Development grants, and post-service debriefing retreats. We also foster leadership development opportunities through our Speaker's Bureau and The Global Citizen journal. While other organizations such as Peace Corps or AmeriCorps end their commitment to service volunteers when the term is completed, the Krista Foundation community is ongoing, fostering a longer-term inner transformation. Our programs facilitate the integration of service-term values, faith development and intentional space for vocational discernment. Our goal is to support Krista Colleagues to develop a lifelong ethic of service, civic engagement, and global understanding.

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Impacting Communities

Jack Brace gains insigh from Board Member Moses PuleiKrista Colleagues' insightful leadership positively shapes our global and local communities.

"You will become a different kind of doctor, or lawyer, businessman, or whatever you do, if you spend a year of your life serving poor people." Moses Pulei, Maasai Tribal Leader and KF Board Member

Whether in classrooms or boardrooms, Krista Colleagues demonstrate a new type of American leadership in every sector of society. Developed by their service term and subsequent character formation, Krista Colleagues prove to be creative & imaginative, innovative, faith-directed, and culturally aware as they engage local communities with a global lens.

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