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2014 Conference Resources

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Thinking Intentionally and Critically About How Racism Impact You and the World:
You are a sacred temple of life. Each person from all identities, cultures, faiths and social 
locations, must interdependently share the earth with one another. We must love ourselves. 
We must love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Think about it, each of us represents various 
communities. However, if you are injured and need a blood transfusion, it is not medically required that the blood you need to save your life has to be transfused from a person whose skin complexion is the same as yours; in order to keep living, you need to receive blood from a person who has your same blood type, not your same skin color. Each human being represents God’s gift of life. Each person’s body is a sacred temple created to equitably share love, peace and justice. 

Please, every day, deliberately live justly with compassion and integrity for yourself and all 
members of humanity. 

A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics and Salvation (15th Anniversary Edition), Gustavo Gutierrez

God and Race in American Politics, Mark A. Noll

Reproducing Racism: How Everyday Choices Lock in White Advantage, Daria Roithmayr

Medical Apartheid The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from 
Colonial Times to the Present, Harriet A. Washington

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, Michelle Alexander

Understanding: All Races Are Identical

Wheelock College: Hill Harper and Charles Ogletree on Racism

Take a Negro Home, This American Life:
Additional Resources courtesy of conference participants:
1. The House I Live In, a documentary about the "War on Drugs":
2. Blonde Indian by Ernestine Hays, an Alaska Native woman's story
3. Righteous Dopefiend, ethnographic study over 10 year period about homelessness and addiction:
4. The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne 
5. Microaggressions In Everyday Life by Derald Wang Sue
6. VICE News: 

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